Formerly lo-fi, but still a bit scuzzy, Cali outfit Wavves have unveiled further details of their upcoming LP.

The record, due 26 March, takes the name Afraid of Heights and will exhibit a rather The Smiths-esque album cover (above).

The Nathan Williams-led band have also streamed a new track from the release, ‘Demon To Lean On’ embedded beneath the tracklisting below.

The group will also tour the U.S with LA noise-punks FIDLAR this March.

1. Sail to the Sun
2. Demon to Lean On
3. Mystic
4. Lunge Forward
5. Dog
6. Afraid of Heights
7. Paranoid
8. Cop
9. Beat Me Up
10. Everyhting Is My Fault
11. That’s On Me
12. Gimme a Knife
13. I Can’t Dream
14. Hippies Is Punks (iTunes Bonus)