Wavves have announced that they’ll release a new album in March.

The yet-untitled release will be the band’s fourth full-length to date and will feature recently-dropped track, ‘Sail To The Sun’.

Frontman Nathan Williams opened up to Rolling Stone about the LP’s hip-hop inspired sound:

“Every time that we record something I want it to sound different than previous efforts. It’s definitely a different pace than anything we’ve ever put out before. The idea of that was interesting to me to see if could mix. Just make it seem like it should be there.”


The publication also had a listen to new tracks ‘Dog’ and ‘I Can’t Dream’, which they say have “cello and glockenspiel accompaniment”.

Williams also spoke about his heavy drinking during the last few months:

“This past year has ruined my liver. I drank more during the recording process than I’ve ever drank.”


The album drops 26 March 2013 on Mom + Pop.