The rousing new track (which links up with first offering "Inspired Again") features bass from My Bloody Valentine's Debbie Googe, guitars from Josh Heyward (The Horrors), organ from Martin Duffy (Primal Scream), and drums and organ from Steffan Halperin (Klaxons). Googe and Burgess have also shared some thoughts on the album and a, erm, misplaced track from the sessions.

"It all went very smoothly and very quickly," Googe recalls of the recording. "So once we'd done the couple tracks that I thought I was doing ('Clutching Insignificance'/'Many Clouds') you [Burgess] lined up another one. I’d never heard it before or since, no idea what it’s called, but I remember doing a bassline and you were a bit surprised, I don’t think you'd envisioned the bass to be like that. I always wondered what happened to that track. The other two I have the versions that you sent so I have some reference but that one is a mystery to me."

"I sent her the album and outtakes... we still haven't found it," adds Burgess.

The Charlatans' frontman announced last month that he was prepping the new release, which features his dream supergroup and was recorded 10 years ago (and subsequently forgotten). The album, recorded by James Spencer at Big Mushroom, Cheshire in December 2008, features Ladyhawke as well as the members of The Horrors, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, and the Klaxons. Last year Burgess teased the record, although few people knew it at the time:

Burgess has released something every Record Store Day since 2012, and this year presents As I Was Now on transparent blue vinyl. It's out digitally a week later.


  1. Clutching Insignificance
  2. Just One Kiss (One Last Kiss)
  3. Many Clouds
  4. Nik V
  5. Inspired Again
  6. Another Version Of The Truth
  7. Not Buying
  8. The Savages (A Table For Their Heads)
  9. Take Me Places
As I Was Now is out 21 April via O Genesis.