The track follows a deluge of hallucinogenic teasers from the band, with woozy visuals and sounds mingling in small snippets uploaded to YouTube. "Three Rings" is from the band's upcoming record which doesn't yet have a title or release date.

Grizzly Bear have been working on the LP since 1 June last year, providing many updates in the time since - in October it was revealed they were "90%" done. The band's most recent album, Shields, was released in 2012.

"We're feeling more adventurous with the sonic directions, changing it up a little bit - not like, a techno dance album… it's in the beginning stages," frontman Ed Droste explained in an interview in 2015. "Only a couple songs have started to take shape and it's gotta be like, a good dozen or so before we get the picture."

You can check out the single's art on iTunes New Zealand (or any other territory it's out, really). "Three Rings" is out 5 May.