The Sopranos stretched over six seasons, and this isn't a comprehensive anthology - it doesn't include "Don't Stop Believin'" for example - but it does contain gems from Frank Sinatra, Wyclef Jean, Bob Dylan,  Bo Diddley, and more.

The pressing will be limited to 2000 copies, with 750 being translucent red, and 1250 being 'red with black smoke'.

The vinyl pressing of The Sopranos OST will arrive on 20 October. Keving Gray has mastered the recordings especially for the new release.

Get reacquainted with the show's iconic theme below. The tracklist can be found afterwards.


A3 – Woke Up This Morning
R.L. Burnside – It’s Bad You Know
Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year


Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody
Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul – Inside Of Me
Cream – I Feel Free
Them Featuring Van Morrison – Mystic Eyes


Bruce Springsteen – State Trooper
Bo Diddley – I’m A Man
Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Complicated Shadows
Nick Lowe The Beast – In Me


Los Lobos – Viking
Wyclef Jean – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Eurythmics – I’ve Tried Everything