The night is "the brainchild of locally-based artists Simon Coates and Ram Nath", and is set to bring art music and experimental sounds from across the Globe to Dubai.

Nath currently lives in Utrecht (Netherlands) and is scouting new music and artists for Tse Tse Fly, while Coates curated the United Arab Emirates' Peace In An Open Space exhibition - the nation's first sound art showcase.

The first night of Tse Tse Fly will take place 18 September from 7pm-10pm at Casa Latina in Al Barsha, Dubai. It's free!

"Multi-disclipinary" American artist Jonny Farrow and Coates' dub alter-ego A Taxi For My Uncle will be the first performers. It will also feature an hour of curated and commissioned sonic artworks from across the region and further afield.