The referendum will see Drummond take two text paintings with his 40, freshly baked hot cross buns to the Irish border on Good Friday.

Drummond will be asking passers by if they agree or disagree on the new clause being added to the Good Friday Agreement. Read the statement below.

"If either the Government of Ireland or the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were ever to instigate their own country leaving the European Union, both governments would guarantee that as long as the island of Ireland existed, the border crossing between County Derry and County Donegal on the Culmore Road, would remain freely open for all those that wished to cross it, in either direction."

As well as his hot cross buns, Drummond will also have 40 mugs with "THE VERY GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT" stamped on them. Anyone (the first 40) who takes part in the referendum will receive a mug, hot cross bun, and a "copy of the proposed VERY GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT."

Socio-political artist Tracey Moberly will be documenting the referendum taking place.

Bill Drummond will be at the border between County Derry and County Donegal (north of Ballynagard, south of Muff) between 10am and noon tomorrow (19 April). Find out more.