After releasing their first album in three years, Imploding The Mirage, last Friday (21 August), you'd think The Killers would want a bit of time to decompress.

The Killers' vocalist Brandon Flowers told NME that the band are doing the opposite, and that they're already planning to release another album in less than a year's time. Flowers said, "You know when people just say that? Every time someone makes a record they say that they have 50 songs and they’re going to release another record. We really are. We’re going to release another one in about 10 months. We’ve already gone back into the studio with [Jonathan, producer] Rado and Shawn [Everett, producer]. We did a week in Northern California."

He added, "I had a lot of time on my hands. Before I’d normally be gearing up to tour, all of that time has gone back into writing more songs. It’s been pretty fruitful."

Flowers also revealed that the lack of touring due to the coronavirus pandemic has meant he can focus his attention on new material, "I’m not writing a quarantine album or anything like that. You kind of just start hitting your stride when you’re finishing a record. You’re writing lyrics, you’re mixing everything, you’re in it - then you go on tour. It’s interesting to not be going on tour and having any of that stuff taking up my brain. I just went right back to the piano. I was already exercising my songwriting muscles so a lot of it came very quickly."

He also confirmed that their next album will be out by the time they head on tour in May 2021, "Oh yeah, there will be another album," Flowers told NME. "I’m excited. It might be better than this one."

The Killers' Imploding The Mirage album is out now. They play London's Emirates Stadium on 4 and 5 June 2021. Find out more.