They join the likes of Hooton Tennis Club, Flyte, The Big Moon, and Tuff Love. 

Pixx, Baby Brave, Remembering August, Alex Burey, Vant, Danielle Lewis, The Jacques, Dingus Khan, Fews, Quiet Marauder, Fickle Friends, Michael Rault, Rebecca Clements, and Tree Of Wolves also join the bill for the annual event. 

Sŵn Festival takes place in Cardiff across 7 - 8 November. Tickets for the event are on sale now.

The full line-up so far includes: 5th Spear, Aled Rheon, Alex Burey, Baby Brave, Barberos, Baron La Croix, Beach Baby, Beach Fatigue, Bearfoot Beware, Boris A Bono, Brik Pho, Clean Cut Kid, Climbing Trees, Cold Committee, Connah Evans, Cotton Wolf, Dan Bettridge, Danielle Lewis, David Roberts, Declan McKenna, Delyth McLean, Dingus Khan, EKKAH, Elle Mary & The Bad Men, Fains, Fews, Fickle Friends, Flyte, Hannah Grace, HMS Morris, Honey Moon, Hooton Tennis Club, How I Faked The Moon Landing, Jim Ghedi, Keston Cobblers Club, Lazy Day, Life, Lusts, Mechanical Owl, Mellt, Michael Rault, Nick Jonah Davis, Oh Peas!, Palace, Peaness, Peasant's King, Pixx, Plastic Mermaids, Protomartyr, Quiet Marauder, Rebecca Clements, RedFaces, Remembering August, Robyn Sherwell, Sam Russo, Seafret, Simon Love & The Old Romantics, Skinny Girl Diet, Tender Prey, The Big Moon, The Go! Team, The Jacques, The Orielles, Toby Hay, TRAAMS, Tree Of Wolves, Tuff Love, Twisted, Vant, Violet Skies, Wayuls, White Noise Sound, Y Reu, and Yr Eira.