The CTRL singer hasn't dropped new music in a long time. The last track she featured on was Post Malone's "Staring At The Sun".

Last month, SZA revealed she had already recorded a song with Megan Thee Stallion, and this morning, while answering questions from fans on Twitter, she revealed that she's also collaborated with Sam Smith.

One fan asked, "Would u ever collab with Sam Smith?", to which SZA replied, "Salready done luv."

Just before, another fan asked SZA, "are we getting anything this year ma’am i’m STARVING." SZA responded, "I’d say the date me and punch jus discussed .. but that would stress me n build uneccesary pressure.. short answer is yes."

Back in August 2019, SZA spoke to Kerwin Frost about her new music, and said a new album would be dropping "soon as fuck. I think I might just start dropping loosies."