Can you tell us about "Radio Kids"?

It's just about reaching out into the void and grabbing something colorful. Those unplanned times when searching actually meant searching for something. Ya dig!?

What does it sound like to you?

It sounds like that rolling momentum that only the perfect combo of substance can bring. When your running and standing still at the same time.

How did it come together?

A riff landed like a UFO on top of chords. And the drummer had to take his shirt off.

You've got two videos for the single - what do each add to the song?

I forgot I had two. Damn.

I love Christopher Good's video because without asking me he created my utopia. Fearless freaks smiling and genuinely vibing. No cynical warlocks at this bonfire, baby! Let that love fly. Brody made the other vid and I kind of forgot what that one looks like. Can't wait to see it again though. I'm sure it features a lot of my hair.

I hear the album comes in part from 'life-changing experiences' - can you tell us about what happened?

Sure I'll sum up the highest highs and lowest lows in three sentences.

How about you find me in a low-lit bar and we'll talk all this out. Give and take. Your stories and mine. Not so one-sided.

What side of you does "Radio Kids" show off?

My good side I think. Happy, hopeful, and idealistic.

Where does Hard Love take Strand Of Oaks?

I'm not sure. My jean crotch just blew out so I hope the record does well enough for some new jeans. After that it's all butter on my toast!

How does it differ from or advance the ideas and sounds on your previous LP, HEAL?

It's elevated. Sex in your 20s vs. your 30s. Less about the surface and what you need and more about that collaborative hike to feel good mountain.

What's your favourite radio station/show? Why?

Good question. My favorite radio show forever was Coast To Coast. Very late-night, cocaine-paranoid alien talk. But I feel like all those weirdos probably voted for Lord Fuck Face Trump so of course it probably sucks now.

What gets you excited about 2017?

Love and unification fighting against devolution of human progress. I want to love and help people as much as I can.

What scares you about 2017?

So much. I'm a white, somewhat-heterosexual-identifying man so I've got the least worry about. There are people that need our love and support right now. Fear can be gasoline that drives you to grow. I'm ready to grow ready to be active for people and not just talk but really find ways to help.

Hard Love will be released 17 February via Dead Oceans. You can pre-order now from iTunes and Amazon.