Live From Another World is a four-part show from on-demand and live streaming service LIVENow and offers emerging artists the opportunity to take audiences on an immersive journey into an imagined, bespoke world of their choosing.

"Every episode is totally different, and hopefully a surprise," explains the series producers, "a unique world view, a bespoke set build, whether digital or physical, encapsulating an entirely alternative headspace."

LIVENow hopes to give these artists a new stage, with the freedom to express their true creativity. From a pop art inspired papier mâche world, to an ethereal escape into a psychedelic forest – the visuals for each performance will be entirely unique and distinctive, centred around each artist’s vision.

Black Country, New Road and Griff are also on board for the show, which runs across the month, and is available by signing up to LIVENow.