Last Friday (30 July) Skepta unveiled his All In EP, which featured collaborations with J Balvin, Kid Cudi and Teezee.

The day after the EP release, Skepta revealed via his Instagram Story that All In is "all the music I have to give." He continued, "I have no unreleased music, feels good to clear the outbox."

He added of his plans for the future, "Sure you all know, I'm a producer at heart and I have so many ideas that I want to work on with other artists. Upcoming and established, young and OG. Skepta on production. It's that time."

In a second post, Skepta wrote, "And I definitely want to make an all female album. So many fire female artists, rappers and singers. I gotta make a hard 13 track female only album FULL of classics."

The same day, a new interview between Skepta and 1Xtra's Tiffany Calver was uploaded to YouTube, filmed at Skepta's All In EP listening party last week.

Speaking about his work outside of being a rapper, Skepta told Calver, "It was just a thought in my head where I was like, "I just wanna do more than just being a rapper", because that's a waste of a talent. I feel like right now I want to become more behind the production. I want to produce albums for people - I'd love to produce Rihanna's album, that would be a dream. I'd probably make Rihanna's hardest album."

He added, "I feel like now I just want to branch out. I can't be a rapper, it's a waste of a talent. I feel like rapping for artists is some sort of therapy ... but after a while it's like I've said everything, from being a confused African child to being a chief in my dad's village. I've rapped myself to my nirvana, i've rapped myself into it somehow."

Skepta's All In EP is out now.