Writing on Facebook, the electronic pair give some details of what to expect: "It includes the singles we've been releasing this year, and a bunch of new unreleased tracks. Like our previous Delicacies album, it's aimed squarely at the dancefloor. As well as the individual full length tracks, the album will include an hour long DJ mixed version."

Welcome To Sideways is released 11 November via their own label Delicacies. Two 12" singles are due ahead of that - one on 30 September, and another 21 October.

Listen to "Far Away From A Distance" below. The LP's tracklist is afterwards.


  1. Happening Distractions
  2. Far Away From A Distance
  3. Bubble Has No Answers
  4. Staring At All This Handle
  5. Face To Face With Spoon
  6. Space Is Full Of Ringing
  7. Remember in Reverse
  8. Flying Or Falling
  9. Drone Follows Me Everywhere
  10. Welcome To Sideways (A Delicacies Mix)