Jónsi absorbed a new alias Frakkur when experimenting with his solo work in the early noughties.

The Icelandic musician feared that his work had been destroyed when the hard drive used to store his solo material somehow got corrupted.

Before the corruption, Jónsi and his partner Alex Somers burned the tracks to multiple CDs for their friends, which is how they've recovered the material.

The first collection from 2000-2001 were recorded in Jónsi's hometown of Reykjavík. The second installment, made between 2002-2003, was also made in Reykjavík, this time in a small flat rather than his family home.

Jónsi's tracks that were made between 2003-2004 were recorded in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Some of our Best Fit team were recently in Reykjavík for Iceland Airwaves, and managed to visit Jónsi's store Fischer, which is run by his sisters Lilja, Inga, and Sigurrós.

The recordings have been remastered for release later this month. "SFTLB2" is out now. Frakkur 2000-2004 arrives 23 November.