After delivering a cover of Daniel Johnston’s "Sorry Entertainer" in July, SASAMI has announced her second album Squeeze, which is previewed with two new tracks titled "Skin A Rat" and "The Greatest", which were recorded at Ty Segall's Topanga studio and Log Mansion in Mt. Washington.

Speaking about "The Greatest", which is teamed with a Jennifer Juniper Stratford-directed video, SASAMI says, "This song is about how often the greatest, heaviest feelings we have for someone are in the absence of the realization or reciprocation of that love. Like power born out of a black hole. All fantasy."

SASAMI adds that "Skin A Rat" is "a soundtrack to cathartic release of anger and frustration with oppressive systems and humans. Very nu-metal influenced. Wrote and demoed the whole song on my iPad with midi drums and hired an epic drummer to perform it live to tape."

"Skin A Rat" features Megadeth's Dirk Verbeuren on drums and vocals by Vagabon’s Laetitia Tamko and actor/comedian Patti Harrison.

Squeeze will follow SASAMI's 2019 self-titled debut album, and SASAMI hopes that listeners will use it as a soundtrack to process "anger, frustration, desperation, and more violent, aggressive emotions."

The new album is produced by SASAMI, with some tracks co-produced by Ty Segall, and will feature contributions from Hand Habits' Meg Duffy, King Tuff’s Kyle Thomas, Christian Lee Hutson, Barishi, Moaning’s Pascal Stevenson and No Home.


  1. Skin A Rat
  2. The Greatest
  3. Say It
  4. Call Me Home
  5. Need It To Work
  6. Tried To Understand
  7. Make It Right
  8. Sorry Entertainer
  9. Squeeze (feat. No Home)
  10. Feminine Water Turmoil
  11. Not A Love Song
"Skin A Rat" and "The Greatest" are out now. SASAMI's Squeeze album will land via Domino on 25 February 2022, and is available to pre-order now.