"Cofi" is the third trackbto be shared from Richards' Castel EP, after last month's "Gefail Yr Ynys" and October's lead single "Toompea".

Speaking about the Welsh-language track, Richards explains, ""Cofi" is a piece dedicated to the people of Caernarfon I met during my residency there. The close vocal harmonies reflect the close community and spread lyrics between the singers’ parts to represent the sharing nature of the Cofis."

Alongside dropping the new single, Richards has teamed up with Manchester's Welsh cafe SiOP SHOP to create an actual doughnut inspired by Welsh and Estonian flavours, the foundations for Richards' Castel EP.

The limited edition doughnut is called the Kringel Castel doughnut. SiOP SHOP's Iwan Roberts says of the collaboration, "When we were initially asked to respond to Robin's EP in the form of a doughnut, I thought this was a very strange request. Luckily, we’re also very strange. I listened to the record with Robin’s Caernarfon residency in mind."

Roberts adds, "In response, we present a coffee and cardamon custard filled doughnut with a caramel glaze. We’ve taken inspiration from the Estonian desert Kringel which is a sweet yeasted bread, flavoured with Cardamon. This pairs well with coffi (coffee, not to be confused with "cofi" which is my native tongues word for a person hailing from Caernarfon and the title of a track on the EP). We’re calling the doughnut Kringel Castel. The themes of longing and identity in the record resonated with me strongly. The request ended up not being strange but a poignant one to me personally."

Richards will play a free show at Manchester's SiOP SHOP on Friday (6 December) alongside Welsh singer SERA from 4pm GMT.

"Cofi" is out now. Robin Richards' Castel EP will arrive 6 December via PRAH Recordings.