The short-player is the follow up to March's cover collection, which Hubbert put out while struggling with his mental health. "The illness has stopped me working for the best part of a year," he explained. "My savings are gone and I'm whilst I'm getting better, I'm not emotionally stable enough to return to a normal job. I'm slowly returning to music full time but in the meantime, I need to ask you for a little help."

This second EP moves into originals instead of covers, with Hubbert explaining that it's "a little rough but honest... just me and the guitar, trying to figure myself out."

"I've always been uncomfortable asking for help," he explains on Facebook. "But if EP1 taught me anything, it's this; people will surprise, support and give all the help they can if they only know that you need it. So, aye, I'm going to ask again. Please don't feel obliged, especially if you bought the first one.

"My recovery from this most recent depressive episode has been pretty slow and steady since the last time I wrote about it. I'm taking medication again and seeing a therapist on a long term basis. Both are helping a lot. I haven't had a suicidal impulse in over 6 months. In short, I feel like I'm getting control of myself again. I have developed a mild agoraphobia but I'm aware of it and working on it with my therapist. I have a few shows coming up which I'm feeling good about. Leaving the house is much easier when it's to play music."

Hubbert's most recent full-length was last year's stunning Telling The Trees. Read Dinner And A Show, our Longread interview with Hubbert about the album, collaborations, and therapy.

Get Recovery EP2 now from Bandcamp.