"Thinking Bout You" follows last month's "Could I Be Somebody" single, and sees the New York City-based Japanese producer and musician reunite with Joji for the first time since 2020's Nectar song "Normal People".

rei brown says of the track, "I wrote my part mostly in the context of a long distance relationship. There are hints in it that suggest it takes place in a different more sci-fi reality."

The new song will appear on rei brown's Xeno album, which will feature 15 tracks. rei brown says of the album title, "I think the word Xeno is essential, it’s why I named the album Xeno. It’s how I’ve related to the world for most of my life — as other, a foreigner, a stranger. Songs talk about being metaphorically and literally being an alien."


  1. Xeno
  2. Neptune
  3. Waiting For You
  4. When I Fall Asleep
  5. Thinking Bout You (feat. Joji)
  6. Solar
  7. r u gonna love me?
  8. Hyperstition
  9. Haunt Me
  10. If You Let Me Go
  11. White Honda (feat. Lecx Stacy)
  12. Centauri
  13. Could I Be Somebody
  14. EZ
  15. Dosey Doe
"Thinking Bout You" featuring Joji is out now. rei brown's Xeno album will arrive on 8 July.