On Monday (29 June), the original cover for Pop Smoke's debut album designed by Virgil Abloh was revealed.

The Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon cover was heavily criticised, with many fans calling the Off-White designer lazy for his effort.

A petition was also launched to change the artwork, and hours later Steven Victor, head of the Victor Victor label imprint, revealed that the artwork would be updated.

Fans decided to start posting their own alternative covers for the album online, and 50 Cent resposted (and deleted) a bunch of them on Instagram, asking for his followers to give their opinions. Despite the influx of creative alternatives, the team decided to go for a simple monochrome cover that features a platinum rose in front of a black background.

It turns out the updated cover of choice hasn't been received well by fans, with many still criticising it.

Pop Smoke's debut album Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon is out now.