The Let England Shake reissue will be accompanied by a collection of unreleased demos, and PJ Harvey has previewed the demos collection with the album title-track "Let England Shake" today (2 December).

Harvey's Let England Shake reissue follows July's reissue of her John Parish collaborative album A Woman a Man Walked By.

The demos collection will include new artwork drawn by Harvey, and will also feature previously unseen photos by Seamus Murphy.

Last month Harvey announced her upcoming narrative poem Orlam that’s been in the works for six years.

Let England Shake - Demos Tracklist:

  1. Let England Shake - Demo
  2. The Last Living Rose - Demo
  3. The Glorious Land - Demo
  4. The Words That Maketh Murder - Demo
  5. All And Everyone - Demo
  6. On Battleship Hill – Demo
  7. England - Demo
  8. In The Dark Places - Demo
  9. Bitter Branches - Demo
  10. Hanging In The Wire - Demo
  11. Written On The Forehead - Demo
  12. The Colour Of The Earth - Demo
"Let England Shake - Demo" is out now. PJ Harvey's reissue of Let England Shake will be released 28 January 2022, and is available to pre-order now.