"Turning Back" lands after last month's lead single "Slow Memories".

Speaking about the new track, Pictish Trail says, "Probably the most deliberately 'pop' moment on the album, "Turning Back" is about replaying the moment you meet someone and wanting to live it over and over again. There’s a refrain - "Hour’s turning back / I was turning back" - imagining the clock hands spinning backwards, at the end of Daylight-Saving Time. In a sort of Black Mirror-esque tribute, the reveal is that the other person is also controlling the moment, rewinding and rewatching. "You and me trapped inside a device controlled by each other’s thumbs & minds ... I was turning back to the moment that we met in slow motion, rolling it over, and over, and over.""

Pictish Trail's Thumb World album will be his first since 2017's Future Echoes.

The new record is produced and mixed by Rob Jones, and features string arrangements from Kim Moore, and drumming from Alex Thomas (Squarepusher, Anna Calvi, Air).


  1. Repeat Neverending
  2. Double Sided
  3. Pig Nice
  4. Lead Balloon
  5. Fear Anchor
  6. Slow Memories
  7. Bad Algebra
  8. Heart Eyes
  9. Turning Back
  10. Thumb World
"Turning Back" is out now. Pictish Trail's Thumb World album lands 21 February 2020 via Fire Records. He plays London's Studio 9294 on 14 December. Find out more.