The maverick singer/songwriter dives into a wild, weird world rife with silver-tongued wit and a flair for self-deprecation. It's a lush collection of songs that ignite memories of '60s popstars and classic balladeers; expect thick, rich instrumentation, candour in spades, and some timeless earworms.

"I allude to mental illness in my work," Hanna recently told NME. "It’s considered by many to be a neurosis that spurs on creative work, however it is nothing but a crutch on my own creativity. My time in a depressive haze is spent in complete emptiness, weeks will go by, my beard will have grown out, my pen dried up. So when indeed I allude to mental illness it would usually be during a happy period where I can function. One of the most important days in my life came when I finally opened up about depression and was not met with jeers but rather acceptance and understanding."

Hanna's new LP, the follow up to 2014's Leafy Stiletto and a string of one-offs and singles, was recorded at Bow Lane studios with Girl Band's Daniel Fox. String arrangements come from Ena Brennan, with guest vocals from Saint Sister.

Frankly, I Mutate is out 2 March via Strange Brew.