Arnalds' approach to reinventing the work of the 19th-Century Polish composer sees him using old, unusual and altered pianos captured on vintage recording equipment and mixing techniques that re-enforce feelings of solitude or loneliness and create dreamlike ambient soundscapes.

"Verses is a new composition by me which uses the famous right hand motif from Piano Sonata No3 (Largo) and is followed by that part of that Sonata in its original version played on the piano by Alice," Arnalds explains. "So you hear the motif first recomposed arranged for a string quartet and then just a couple of minutes you will hear it in it's original state played on the piano.

"With this i wanted to show listeners quite clearly what i was doing with 'Verses', which they might not realise is composed around a motif from the sonata unless they hear the original sonata next to it."

The Chopin Project is released via Mercury Classics on 16 March; pre-order from iTunesAmazon and Google Play