Earlier this month Cave revealed that Jethro Lazenby, also known as Jethro Cave, had died. Jethro Lazenby's death came just seven years after Cave lost his 15-year-old son Arthur.

Cave has since shared a new post on his Q+A site The Red Hand Files, and it sees him respond to a fan sending "heartfelt condolences" about Jethro's passing. Cave wrote, "Thank you for your letter. Many others have written to me about Jethro, sending condolences and kind words. These letters are a great source of comfort and I’d like to thank all of you for your support."

He added, "I’ll be back to The Red Hand Files in a few weeks."

Earlier this month Cave made an appearance on Party Dozen's "Macca The Mutt" single.

Read Nick Cave's full response on theredhandfiles.com.