Geneviève, an artist and cartoonist who's released music as Woelv and Ô Paon, was last year diagnosed with inoperable stage four pancreatic cancer shortly after giving birth to their daughter.  

Husband Phil - the mind behind Microphones and Mount Eerie - has been raising money for her treatment via GoFundMe. Now Neutral Milk Hotel are helping out as well, selling some of their own memorabilia as well as rare items from fellow '90s icons.

Included in the auction is a Neutral Milk Hotel boxset (signed 14 times) and original Jeff Mangum drawing, two signed NMH singles plus original E6 catalogue, the headstock of Guy Picciotto’s smashed Blue 1981 Gibson SG used in a 1985 Rites Of Spring show, a signed Bikini Kill Revolution Girl Style Now 12", a pair of signed Bikini Kill acetates, a signed Rites Of Spring 10", a Fugazi test pressing, and a signed Fugazi Instrument poster

Have a look over all the lots on eBay.

[via Stereogum]