"Kitchen Sink" is the third single to be lifted from Shah's LP of the same name, after previous singles "Trad" and "Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)".

Shah says of her latest outing, "I love kitchen sink dramas and it felt like a fitting backdrop for this character of the outsider to exist within. You can imagine them entering their new neighbourhood, walking the street and one by one, the residents poking their noses through their curtains to get a good look at this person from elsewhere. I see a hell of a lot of curtain twitching these days, during lockdown, but always coupled with a smile or a wave."

Kitchen Sink will be Shah's first LP since 2017's Holiday Destination.

She says of her new album, "It’s a conversation between me and so many of my friends in our 30's. There’s that panic that so many of us have that we are running out of time, when it comes to having children. It’s like when we were younger we all made our own timelines in our minds of when we thought we would do certain things. If you were to tell 14 year old me I’d be 34, unmarried and have no children I’d have never believed it. Lots of my friends I’ve spoken to did this very same thing."

"For the album I spoke to so many women. Women who want to have children and can’t physically, women who can physically but choose not to, all different scenarios," adds Shah. "My good friend, a woman in her late 50’s chose not to have children and continues to be one of my favourite musicians and most youthful vibrant person I know. Her story is in this album too. Essentially I’m writing about so many women that I just love. The new mothers, the rock stars, the ones doubting themselves who need our support, the ones who are ill but show an indescribable strength."

"Kitchen Sink" is out now. Nadine Shah's Kitchen Sink album lands via Infectious Music on 5 June, and is available to pre-order now.