Their new record A Billion Heartbeats was due to arrive on 27 September.

Mystery Jets have had to postpone the album release along with their UK tour dates after vocalist Blaine Harrison issued a statement about being taken to hospital.

Harrison issued a statement last night (17 September) about his situation, "Early on Saturday morning I awoke with a swelling in my thigh and a temperature in the high thirties. Upon arrival at A&E I was put straight onto the emergency operation list to halt an infection close to my bone from spreading around my body. As some will know, I was struck down at the beginning of the summer under similar circumstances. Upon my release, I made a plan to charge on with our summer shows as well as instores around the album release and go in for follow-up surgery straight off the back of the November tour. In retrospect, perhaps I hadn’t taken into account how demanding the past couple of months would be on my body. This industry is not one that runs from nine-five, and as anyone trying to get their art out in to the world will know, when it’s your baby, it is all-consuming and takes all that you’ve got."

The Mystery Jets singer adds, "One of the most humbling parts of being a Mystery Jet is the understanding we have known from our fans whenever my health has fluctuated. We are also fortunate to have gathered a team around us over the years of good people who understand our vision and work tirelessly to bring our ideas to light. Even in our efforts over the past two days to conceive a way of partly sticking to the original plan, they have been the first to remind me that health always comes first. Therefore, we have reluctantly decided to postpone the release of A Billion Heartbeats to the beginning of next year, including the instore shows and UK tour. We believe in these songs too much to not give them our all, and love our fans too much to not bring you the show you deserve. We have been touched by the response to the music so far and promise you there is plenty more to come."

Harrison closes his statement by writing, "2020 will be upon us before soon and we are going to come back stronger than ever. God bless the NHS."

Mystery Jets' A Billion Heartbeats album will be their first since 2016's Curve of the Earth.

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