Morrissey first aired his issues with The Guardian via his site in June, calling the newspaper a "wretched hate-paper".

Earlier this month he also blamed the British press for "planting" a protester at his Portland show.

It seems Morrissey's frustration towards The Guardian reached its peak at the weekend as on Saturday (26 October), Morrissey wore a vest on stage that read, "Fuck The Guardian".

Music journalist James McMahon shared an image of Morrissey wearing the vest on Twitter, and wrote, "The most depressing aspect of my musical fandom has been the slow realisation that someone I thought was clever - so clever - has all the smarts of a cement mixer."

The singer has performed a few controversial shows over the past year. In May he performed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon while sporting a For Britain badge, resulting in Merseyrail taking down posters promoting his most recent album, and a record shop in Cardiff also stopped selling his music.

Morrissey is yet to address his "Fuck The Guardian" vest.