"Nightmare" follows on from last month's lead single and title-track "Sleepwalker".

Speaking about the new single, Maz says, ""Nightmare" is very personal song and at the same time brings up one of the main messages of the whole SLEEPWALKER EP. The storytelling is based on real, experienced emotions but told differently as it's supposed to be a nightmare. It's a very poetic, melancholic and fictional world that I've created there, and it romanticises a toxic love story with an atrocious ending. I definitely processed some scars in this song and the whole thing is a metaphor at a personal level."

The rapper recently completed a tour funded by a kickstarter in support of his forthcoming EP, and opened for Nicki Minaj at Luxembourg's Rockhal concert venue.

"Nightmare" is out now. Maz's SLEEPWALKER EP lands 16 December.