"The Void" follows on from earlier singles "Into This", "Love Keeps Kicking", and "Heart is Healing", all of which feature on their forthcoming third album.

Speaking to NME about their new offering, Martha explain, ""The Void" is a sci-fi story, partly-inspired by playing table top RPGs, but informed by the pretty dreadful state of the world at the minute. It draws from that cosmic horror tradition, and I think we were trying to channel Roky Erikson with the lyrics. It links narratively to another song on the record, but that will become clearer when it’s actually out!"

Love Keeps Kicking is Martha's first album since signing to Big Scary Monsters, and follows their 2016 record Blisters in the Pit of My Heart.

Martha's Love Keeps Kicking drops via Big Scary Monsters on 5 April. They'll play The Garage in London on 16 April. Find out more.