"Old Friends / Bookends" is the first new upload from Nadler since her May Covers 3 project which featured covers of songs by Metallica, King Crimson, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, as well as an original track titled "Strange Days".

The release of Nadler's Simon & Garfunkel cover coincides with Bandcamp's artist appreciation day for June, which sees the company drop its revenue shares for 24 hours so artists receive full payments to help with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Nadler is redirecting the proceeds from "Old Friends / Bookends" to Black Lives Matter, and writes, "Additionally, the sales all of my releases on Sacred Bones as well as all of their other wonderful releases will be donated tomorrow to the Loveland Foundation, a non-profit making healing services available to people of colour, particularly to black women and girls, and to a nationwide bail fund that splits donations among community bail funds."

She adds of the cover, "This song to me now feels like a memory of a place that just doesn't exist anymore, a romanticisation of a forgotten era. A daydream of a better time. A desire to live long enough to look back."

Marissa Nadler's cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Old Friends / Bookends" is available on Bandcamp now.