"Climb Every Wall" follows LUMP's title-track "Animal" that arrived last month, and is accompanied by a video shot and edited by Tamsin Topolski and Mora Laming.

Marling and Lindsay's Animal album will follow their 2018 self-titled debut album, and was recorded at Lindsay's home studio in Margate.

Speaking about returning to work on LUMP material, Marling says, "It became a very different thing about escaping a persona that has become a burden to me in some way. It was like putting on a superhero costume." She adds that she sometimes feels as if she might be "edging Laura Marling off a cliff as much as I can and putting LUMP in the centre."

Marling continues, "There’s a little bit of a theme of hedonism on the album, of desires running wild, and also it fed into the idea we had from the start of thinking of LUMP as a kind of representation of instincts, and the world turned upside down."

Lindsay adds, "We created LUMP as a sort of persona and an idea and a creature. Through LUMP we find our inner animal, and through that animal we travel into a parallel universe."

"Climb Every Wall" is out now. LUMP's Animal album will be released 30 July via Chrysalis/Partisan Records, and is available to pre-order now.