The BRIT Award and Mercury Prize-nominated artist appears in the latest film alongside friend and manager Tommo, and the pair chat about friendship, fist fights, and hair rituals.

"Talk whenever you feel comfortable," says Carner in an accompanying interview with Noisey. "You don’t want to feel like you’re under scrutiny. Go to the pub, go to their house, talk while you’re watching the football. Get a coffee. Go where there’s something else to do if you get embarrassed."

"We know friendships can have a hugely positive effect on men’s wellbeing, so we’re delighted to have the support of Loyle in shining a light on the important issue of male mental health," the charity's CEO Simon Gunning says in a statement about the initiative, which began last November. "Building and maintaining connections with others can be genuinely lifesaving for men, and that’s what CALM’s Best Man Project is all about."

The chat between Carner and Tommo is the latest in a series of films for the project, and one revealed last month also features The Duke Of Cambridge and Rio Ferdinand.

CALM is a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. Find out more about what they do.