The band called out Air France on Twitter earlier today, writing, "I don't enjoy calling out businesses on here, but Air France has lost our bags and equipment, knew where they were since yesterday, and despite several flights they could have been on, still have not delivered. A capella tonight, I guess."

Geoff Barrow from Portishead urged Air France to find their bags, to which Low added, "Oh, they've "found" them - they just keep saying they are on the next flight like 3 or 4 times now. Reclaim dept is well-trained in vague promises to pacify and divert responsibility."

Anton Newcombe from Brians Jonestown Massacre also got involved, writing, "you people strike at the drop of a hat and completely mess up thousands of people's work plans... and you ask us all to be understanding - put down your baguettes find their fucking gear, it's oversize, it should be very easy."

Update: Low have received an update on their gear, and revealed on Twitter, "Looks like it will be here in time. Game on."

Low play Sideways festival in Helsinki, Finland tonight (6 June). Find out more.