Following Lizzo's cover of BTS' "Butter" during her BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge set in September, the two acts came together to celebrate and enjoy Harry Styles' show at The Forum in Inglewood, California, last Friday (19 November).

Following the show, Lizzo shared on Instagram that her and BTS are now "besties", and also shared a heartwarming clip on Twitter of her and BTS member V singing the chorus of "What Makes You Beautiful". Fans also replied to Lizzo's video with other clips of her singing with V.

During the show, Styles also threw numerous sunflowers into the crowd, and directed one at Lizzo, who managed to catch it.

Speaking about covering BTS' "Butter" in September, Lizzo said, "I’m a sucker for people who make positive music, and BTS does that. The world is falling in love with them because they are so sweet and pure, and they’re good-hearted."