In a new three-minute clip on Instagram, Lily Allen tells her fans that she received a call about appearing in American Horror Story. She says the call could've happened "maybe six months, maybe a year" ago.

Allen adds that during the phone call, she was asked is she was available for autumn either this year or next year, adding, "they were interested in me being in American Horror Story, sounds plausible."

She reveals that after the call she was "laughing" with her manager about it, and she revisited the topic after discussing the show with her boyfriend David Harbour (Stranger Things). After remembering the call, Allen says, "So then I was like yeah, I’ll call Seb [Chew] about that, and speak to him because it could be quite interesting. I called my manager today and he has absolutely no recollection."

In the clip, she goes on to say, "Seb searched his emails and nothing was there, and then called my mum thinking it came from her, she said she had no idea what he was talking about."

Allen then says "I know I did not make this up" and asks whoever it was that contacted her about the role to contact her again. Harbour jumps in before the end of the video, and adds, "Ryan Murphy, please just call my girlfriend." Ryan Murphy is a creator of the hit-horror series.

Maybe the lack of evidence to support Lily Allen's story is part of her induction into the American Horror Story crew, or maybe it just didn't happen. Who knows.