The "Old Town Road" rapper just released his 7 EP, which features a track titled "Panini".

Gordon Ramsey is well known for letting his emotions run wild, and Lil Nas X's track blames the panini for being a "meanie".

The two stars met at Ramsey's Lucky Cat restaurant in London, and Ramsey gave Lil Nas X some star treament, by teaching him how to make a mouth-watering panini.

Ramsey and Lil Nas X were going back and forth on Twitter before their meeting, after Lil Nas X wrote to Ramsey, "Teach me how to make paninis while i'm still [in] London."

The celebrity chef told the "Old Town Road" rapper to "name the day", and now they've finally shared the full video of their panini making session.

Following the release of the video, Ramsey wrote, "Can't nobody tell me nothing" in reference to Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" lyrics, while Lil Nas X replied, "You didn't yell at me enough".

Last week Lil Nas X revealed that he was never going to speak about his sexuality.