Dressed in an all-white suit with freshly-pressed trousers and a jacket peppered with silvery sequins, the legendary soul singer played a bone-chilling set on Super Bock Super Rock’s opening day with a command of the audience rooted in years of hard work. “Look at all these beautiful people!” he announced on Thursday afternoon, before diving into a series of hits from across his five-decade-long career, which kicked off in 1969 with "Tell Her I Love Her" and "Bewildered".

With years of experiences under his belt comes an effortless stage presence, and Lee Fields’ performance in Lisbon was no different. As he dipped, swayed, and thrusted across the stage, the audience followed his raspy, funky commands as Lee conducted them like an orchestra: “Raise your hands up and say, ‘Talk that talk that talk that talk!’ Say, ‘Walk that walk that walk that walk!’”

Super Bock Super Rock continues tonight through to Saturday evening with Julian Casablancas & The Voidz, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, and more.