"Infinite Wisdom" is the first new outing from Groves since July's "M6 North", and is accompanied by a somewhat DIY visual by Groves and Sophie le Roux.

Groves says of the video, "The video for "Infinite Wisdom" is a collaboration between myself and visual artist Sophie le Roux. I shot the footage at home during the lockdown and then sent it to Sophie, who edited it and added animation. This method of working was due to necessity at the time, but I like how it reflects the self-produced nature of the record and also how rewarding and special a collaborative process can be."

Her forthcoming EP A Private Road will be Groves' first collection of tracks since her 2015 EP Committed Language.

Groves says of the upcoming EP, "This record, made mostly on my own, became both a channel for the expression of an inner world and an imagined soundtrack to my physical journeys through the city. It is rooted in the stories, atmospheres, mistakes and wrong turns, desires and layers of meaning that run through and play out in the landscapes we inhabit. The songs are snapshots of late night journeys across the river, the sparks of love that transform us and keep us going, the dead ends that the mind can lead us down, the erotic, the visible and invisible places we pass through as they merge and are erased and overwritten. The ability and opportunity to create and connect through music is a gift and I’m so happy to be able to share these new explorations with you."


  1. Infinite Wisdom
  2. Foolish Game
  3. Faking It
  4. Red
  5. Sunset
  6. Searching For The Stars
"Infinite Wisdom" is out now. Laura Groves' A Private Road EP will arrive via Bella Union on 4 December, and is available to pre-order now.