On New Year's Eve the Croydon Shurgard self-storage warehouse caught fire, leaving hundreds of people without their belongings - read more about the fire over at BBC.

Steve Goodman, aka Kode9, is hoping to raise £10,000 for Cooly G, who had stored all her childrens posessions and music equipment in the Shurgard building.

The statement on the page reads, "Cooly is a mother of two young children and her family have lost everything they owned. They were in the middle of trying to find a new home after losing their previous house due to a flood. The stress has been so intense she hasn't slept properly since the 1st of January. Cooly was mis-sold insurance which will not come close to covering the value of the items lost and currently the company appears to be refusing any claims of compensation."

Goodman details some of the belongings lost, "her 2 children’s clothes and collection of exclusive sneakers, studio equipment, her vinyl collection, her books, her children’s toys and games, personal possessions that held sentimental value, TVs, iPads, a video camera, 2 hard drives, 2 bedroom home contents and garden contents furniture - pretty much everything she owned."

Last year Cooly G released new track "Digitally Higher".

Launched six days ago, the GoFundMe page has so far raised just over £3000. Read the full statement and donate at gofundme.com.