Khan - of King Khan and the Shrines and The King Khan & BBQ Show - recorded the LP in Oakland, California, with producer Greg Ashley and Gris Gris as his backing band.

"We made this album in about one week,” Khan says in a statement. "I got the Gris Gris to back me up and do a few shows in all the murder capitals of America. In Chicago we even had Andre Williams come and join us on stage for a song."


  1. Discreate Disguise
  2. It’s Just Begun
  3. Run Doggy Run
  4. It’s A Lie
  5. Born In 77
  6. Desert Mile
  7. Too Hard Too Fast
  8. Teeth Are Shite
  9. Born To Die
  10. Winter Weather
Murder Burgers is released 13 October via Khannibalism/Ernest Jenning Record Co.