Yesterday (14 April) marked the four-year anniversary of Kendrick Lamar's last album DAMN., and on the same day Lamar's engineer was featured in a new video interview for Complex, where he was asked about Lamar.

When asked about whether Lamar has crafted a new sound for his upcoming album, MixedByAli responded, "I would say, every album that he has dropped since Good Kid has come with a different feeling. Just look forward to Kendrick obviously expressing himself in the most creative way, the most highest of the creative way. How he works, I've never seen it before. The recording process, the thought process with piecing an album together and sequencing it. Things like that is what keeps guys like me great. Watching his work ethic... You would expect someone like Kendrick to be at home and sitting back - nah, he still comes in on time and is punctual."

MixedByAli was also asked about the possibility of Lamar's new album arriving later this year, to which he replied, "I mean, it might, it might. You never know."

In November last year, MixedByAli discussed Lamar on an episode of The ETCs podcast, where he revealed they "could put together like six albums" with the material Kendrick Lamar has left off releases.

In October last year Kendrick Lamar appeared on Busta Rhymes' "Look Over Your Shoulder" single.