"Helix III" is one of three contributions Moran has made to Chain Reaction At Dusk, while "Tokyo Exorcist" is the first of his two tracks on the album.

Back in August, Moran tweeted about "Helix III", "when you put actual piano arpeggios on top of the synth arpeggiator."

Chain Reaction At Dusk came to fruition after Moran and Prurient toured together in 2018 with Merzbow and Becka Diamond. Work on Chain Reaction At Dusk started around that time, with Moran recording her tracks from home, while Prurient recorded between Berlin and New York.


  1. Kelly Moran - Red Storm
  2. Kelly Moran - Helix III
  3. Kelly Moran - Hymn
  4. Prurient - Tokyo Exorcist
  5. Prurient - Help If I May Ask
"Helix III" and "Tokyo Exorcist" are both out now. Kelly Moran and Prurient's Chain Reaction At Dusk split album will be released on 4 December via Prurient's Hospital Productions, and is available to pre-order now.