Daily Harvest is a plant-based food company and to celebrate Earth Month, they've teamed up with Kelis to make a new song titled "Feed Them".

The new track is teamed with a video filmed at Kelis' California farm, and features on the Daily Harvest: Eat The Solution EP with other songs from Kyla Imani, Shuba and Damoyee.

In a statement, Kelis said, "If we're able to plant these little seeds, give people the information and let them see how feasible and tangible eating the solution really is, that's the first step towards change."

On Instagram, she added, "The Earth gives us everything we need to nourish ourselves and our families, if we take care of it. Healing our planet doesn’t have to be so complicated. If we all just up our fruits + veggies and choose food that's good for us and the planet, we can all do our part to take better care of the Earth."

Kelis' "Feed Them" single is out now alongside the Daily Harvest: Eat The Solution EP.