Taken from her upcoming debut album Zagg, "Chico Chico" is the third single to be shared from the record, after "FMK" and "Get Out".

"Chico Chico" also arrives with a one shot video directed by Ori Ravid. ""Chico Chico" to me is breezy and cheeky and just makes you smile," Ravid says. "Jackie and I bounced some ideas off each other, and when the opportunity came up to shoot in my friend's Dad's parking lot I knew we would capture something special."

Zagg is co-produced by Foxygen's Jonathan Rado and Matthew E. White. Of her debut record, Cohen says, "Zagg is me, my name, and this record is my first real, intentional, nearly unabashed step toward being myself confidently out in the world. Here I am! Here are my songs. Making this record was truly a "life zagg" for me. I quit my marketing job. I quit my teaching job. I quit my sausage sampling at the mall job. I started taking my meds as directed. I’m reflecting instead of spiraling. Got my egg cracked a few times but I’m landing sunny side up."

"Chico Chico" is out now. Zagg arrives via Spacebomb on 10 May, and is available to pre-order now.