"Tongues of Wild Boar" is Woods' first single since her 2018 debut album Colt.

She says of the new offering, "For me, "Tongues of Wild Boar" is fierce, pliable and incessant. Navigating emotionally charged states of discomfort and becoming, it is a song deeply lodged in the body that yearns to surface for air and escape its own shadow."

Birthmarks, Woods' second solo LP, was recorded between Galway and Oslo in winter 2019 while Woods was heavily pregnant.


  1. Tongues of Wild Boar
  2. Orange Tree
  3. Through the Dark, Love
  4. Lay Bare
  5. Mud and Stones
  6. The Mouth
  7. Cleansing Ritual
  8. There Is No Moon
"Tongues of Wild Boar" is out now. Hilary Woods' Birthmarks album arrives via Sacred Bones on 13 March, and is available to pre-order now. She plays London's Cafe Oto on 18 May. Find out more.