However, life got in the way, as is its wont, and everything went on the back burner. Until now. This story is only relevant to give you an idea of the ease with which Woods hasn’t let her past dictate her future.

As complex as it is minimalist, the compositions throughout Colt offer a maturity that only someone who’s been vying for the opportunity could present. The swelling nature of opener “Inhaler” immediately consumes you, while the delicate piano-led “Prodigal Dog” offers insight into how Woods sees her former life. These two tracks immediately identify perfectly the strengths in Woods arsenal; designing majestic spaces while retaining an emotional connection.

Every moment is meticulously constructed, building up a world that Woods has waited many years to inhabit, and she welcomes us with effortless grace and elegance. The general MO of vocal layers meticulously building upon each other, guitars dutifully remaining restrained, and atmospheric components leaving no wasted space mean it’s all an amalgamation of mood and emotion.

There are no full-force affairs here. Colt is a record that is to be felt however you see fit not to be simply thrust upon you. Relish in the relaxing comfort of Woods ethereal voice melting into this dark, stormy palace; it’s one that has been a long time coming, and leaves no stone unturned.