"Recently I’ve been aesthetically interested in the raw experimentation of early 80s electronic dance outside the glossier new wave pop music we know from the time," says H&LA's Andy Butler. "Cabaret Voltaire, lots of noisier older music. It's funny that I ended up in Belgium, considering all of the music that came from here - Front 242, Telex, and so on."

The track is a preview of Hercules and Love Affair's follow up to 2014 LP The Feast Of The Broken Heart. The upcoming album has been recorded mostly in Ghent, Belgium.

"I wanted a vocalist who flirted with the darkness," Butler says of Badwan's input. "...someone who had a touch of an Ian Astbury or Andrew Eldritch about them, or even of Ian Curtis."

"I agreed to work with Andy on the condition that he would take me on a tour of Ghent's S&M clubs," Badwan says. "Latex or no latex he was fun to write with - it's different to stuff I've done before and I really enjoyed his way of working... he has a great ear for melody. It was a good deal."

"Controller" is in line to get a few remixes, with Tuff City Kids and Mike Simonetti both readying edits.

Hercules and Love Affair's next album will be "announced very soon". It's due via Big Beat.