Yesterday (28 June), Williams shared her five favourite Paramore songs after a fan noticed she liked a tweet asking Paramore fans to share their five favourite songs by the band. The fan wrote, "hayley u can't like this and then not share ur top five Paramore songs, ur the #1 stan you have to share."

Williams responded by listing her top five Paramore songs, and four of them are from Paramore's most recent LP - 2017's After Laughter. As well as listing "Told You So", "Hard Times", "Pool", "Rose-Colored Boy" and playing "I Caught Myself" live, Williams also gave a shout out to After Laughter track "Tell Me How" and Joy Williams collaboration "Hate to See Your Heart Break".

Another fan then urged Williams to share her top five Paramore songs without any from After Laughter. Williams responded with five tracks from their 2013 self-titled LP, "Future" (live), "(One of Those) Crazy Girls", "Fast In My Car", "Last Hope", and "Ain't It Fun". Williams also wrote, "Basically, the last two Paramore albums are our best. Nooo contest."

A Paramore fan responded to her second list by writing, "how dare you insult Brand New Eyes like this", prompting Williams to reply, "u kno wut, fuck it... BNE top 5." Williams then listed a fun list that reads, "Anything. Except. The. Only. Exception."

Last month, Hayley Williams shared a cover of SZA's "Drew Barrymore".